Chiang Mai, Thailand

Published on 2019

Where To Eat


The Riverside

The Riverside is a tourist favorite because of its amazing views, large menu, and live music. Located next to the River Ping, The Riverside offers its guest everything from Thai staples to western food, while also offering a very lively bar. This place is definitely worth checking out. 

Huen Phen 

Pictured above, Huen Phen is famous for their Khao Soi noodle soup. This dish is a traditional Northern Thailand dish, and Huen Phen has some of the best that you can get. Along with their Khao Soi, Huen Phen also serves other North Thailand traditional dishes like jackfruit salad and Aeb Pla, a type of fish that is cooked with sweet basil. 

Because of all this delicious food, there is often a wait during peak lunch hours so try and get there early!