10 Celebrities That Are Into Adventure Travel


Celebrities like to travel a lot. Usually when they do, they pay a lot of money and end up in some resort on an island or a very expensive hotel suite. They usually bring a lot of suitcases, dress fancy and enjoy the parties and the jet set.  You would be surprised to find out that some celebrities are actually into adventure travel. They don’t care about expensive places, luxurious locations or a glamorous lifestyle. They prefer the adventure, the hikes, the jungles, the new cultures and new foods.

Margot Robbie went learning how to surf in San Juan del Sur at Chicabrava Surf Reatreat. Taylor Swift went hanging out with kangaroo in Australia. Elon Musk went wing walking. Diplo took a dip with friends at the Twin Falls in Maui while Katy Perry went hinking in Machu Picchu. Channing Tatum took advantage of the movie

Running Wild with Bear Grylls to go trekking 13 miles through the Sierra National Forest. Who knew celebrities could be so adventurous!


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