Learn to Eat Sushi Like a Pro

Sushi is a culinary experience par excellence for visitors to Japan, there with Ramen and Udon. The most traditional way to enjoy sushi is a set omakase menu where the chef selects the snacks of the day. But for some travelers, trying out a menu can be intimidating due to language and cultural barriers. This is where the Sushi University comes from. 


We Know the Best Food for Your Camping Experience

Cassie DePecol is the first woman to travel to all 196 countries in the world. She is also the fastest person, man or woman, to complete this journey. Most of her trip was paid for by sponsors and she was a representative of the International Institute of Peace Through Tourism. She met students and officials and gave talks about the power of sustainable tourism to improve the world.

Signature Dishes From Around the World

One of the best ways to travel is with your stomach as your compass. Around the globe, peoples and their cultures are built on the backbone of what they eat. The ritual of gathering for a meal is strong and who you eat with can be just as important as what you eat.

Here’s the Creepiest Hotel You Have Ever Seen

A Clown Motel could easily be one of the creepiest things you have ever seen. If you're deathly afraid of clowns or even just slightly creeped out by them, these motels are definitely not the best place for you to be. The place is in a small city in the state of Nevada in the United States, called Tonopah, Nevada. It is a very small motel called The Clown Motel, which doesn't sound very attractive to most people.  

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The Ultimate Southern Road Trip

If you are ever looking for a fun road trip but not trying to break your bank account in doing so, this Southern road trip might be perfect for you. The South offers a very rich culture and has several historic landmarks that make the trip worthwhile.

Cities with the Top Ranked Standard Of Living

Different cities across the world offer many different pros and cons to living there. Some cities are known for exquisite cuisine, a bustling art culture, or a relaxed pace of life.

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