3 Summer Jewelry Pieces You Need To Take On Vacation


When you’re planning your vacation wardrobe it can be easy to forget about accessories, but this is a mistake as often it’s accessories which bring the interest and allure to an outfit. With the right vacation jewelry, you can plan simple, minimalist outfits which will be brightened and prettified with some fantastic, stylish accessories. Check out your must-buy pieces for your summer vacation 2024.

Gold Hoops

Pretty gold hoops were big news all last summer, and for 2024 they haven’t gone away. Whether you opt for big and bold, or small and delicate, gold hoops will always look stylish and sophisticated. Gold looks equally stunning with dark or light clothing, so you can pack with ease, knowing that you’ve got your earring look nailed down.

Charm Central

As well as bringing interest to an outfit, accessories can signal that it’s vacation time. A pretty charm necklace is ideal if you’re heading off on a breezy city break or relaxing beach trip, and is a great way to break away from your perhaps slightly more sensible, minimalist jewellry choices for work.

Bangles All Around

Bringing a few bangles to wear on holiday is a great way to switch into a more laidback, casual style. Gold or silver-toned metal bangles are eye-catching and pretty, or you could opt to stack up a few fabric bracelets and bangles for a real holiday-vibes look.


Lily F
Lily F
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