Best Places to Get Affordable and Tasty Food in Seattle, Washington


So you want to know where to get affordable and tasty food in Seattle, Washington? Buckle up (or should we say loosen your belt buckle) because there are plenty of places in the city that offer this. Here are some of the best you should definitely check out.

Aladdin Gyro-Cery & Deli

Those looking for a quick and hearty bite should let their navigation take them to University Way Street and a food joint with an intriguing name of Aladdin Gyro-Cery & Deli. At this place, you can get the best of Greek, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern dishes, including gyros, shawarma, lentil soup, and much more. Don’t forget to also taste their baklava, which is considered one of the best in Seattle.


If you hate waiting too long for your food and like Italian sandwiches, then Salumi on Occidental Avenue is your spot. The stars of the show are the cold sandwiches featuring classic Italian cured meats, cheeses, and veggies served between crusty Italian loaf. You can also get all sorts of hot sandwiches and cured meats by pound.

Tacos Chukis

Tacos Chukis has four locations in Seattle, so you won’t have a hard time finding it. The place offers really affordable tacos with a variety of options to choose from. Our recommendation is to try adobada tacos that come with melted cheese and a slice of pineapple if you are looking for a quick bite or one of their chicken burritos if you want a more filling meal.


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Jas C
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