Best Time to Visit California’s Redwood National Park


California’s Redwood National Park, home to the iconic coastal redwoods, is a breathtaking natural sanctuary. These majestic trees are some of the tallest and oldest living things on Earth. Deciding the best time to visit can depend on what you want to see and do, as well as the kind of weather you prefer for outdoor activities, so let’s jump in.


Spring is one of the best times to visit Redwood National Park. The weather during these months is mild, the park’s flora begins to bloom, and the forests are lush with vibrant green foliage. Spring is also an excellent time for wildlife watching.


Summer is the peak tourist season in Redwood National Park. The weather is warmer, ideal conditions for hiking and camping. The park’s trails and campgrounds are fully accessible, and all visitor centers and services are open. 


During the fall, the park is less crowded after the summer rush, and the weather remains pleasant. Fall colors begin to appear in the foliage, adding a different hue to the landscape dominated by the evergreen redwoods. 


Winter is the quietest season in Redwood National Park due to cooler temperatures and frequent rain. This season is best for those who enjoy the serenity of a misty forest and don’t mind wearing extra layers. 


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