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8 Famous Celebs Who Completely Disappeared From The Public

Celebrities are a very unique type of people. Everything they do is exposed to all, and sometimes, it doesn't really go hand to hand...

7 Breathtaking Places to Go Swimming This Summer

As the weeather gets warmer and the days get longer. people are naturally drawn to the beach. Lots of people take vacation specifically so they can visit the most beautiful beaches around the world. But the beach isn't only about catching rays and laying on a towel, it's about diving into mother nature's giant swimming pool. Here are some great destinations to do just that.

Best Sites To Learn A New Language

Ever taken an interest in learning a new language but you weren’t quite sure at the best approach to start learning? Well, thanks to the internet, there are so many websites right at your fingertips that are great for helping you to learn a new language. Language study is not a one-size-fits-all hobby, and no single style of learning will appeal to all learners.

This Little Mistake In Google Maps Is Sending Tourists in Australia To The Wrong Place

Google Maps is undoubtedly something that millions of people are using for guidance on their trips. However, a sleepy suburb in the rural parts of Australia recently received a serious influx of stranded tourists after a glitch in the system mislead hundreds of tourists there instead to the Blue Mountains. 

Let Your Inner Pixie Girl Out in This Bangkok Unicorn Cafe

If you are into unicorns, this is your dream destination. If you ever find yourself in Bangkok you must stop by at the Unicorn Cafe. You'll experience rainbows and unicorns and it will be magical.

Stolen Gnome Returns Home After 8 Month Vacation

Garden gnomes go missing all the time. It’s not an unusual phenomenon. Drunk fratboys steal them. Neighborhood children smash them. Sometimes they just get washed away in the rain. Maybe that’s why people don’t get too emotionally attached to garden gnomes. So when Bev York, a resident of British Columbia, noticed one of her gnomes was missing one morning, she just shrugged it off. Such is the fate of many garden gnomes. But this gnome’s story had a decidedly different ending. This gnome came back, and he had a fascinating tale to tell.

This is the Last Place to Visit if You Hate Snakes

If you’re scared of snakes, the lha da Queimada Grande in Brazil is absolutely not the place for you.

Islands You Can Actually Rent Right Now

For the folks who love a tropical island or for those who just really need some space, these islands from paradise are available for rent. Sure some are a pretty penny, but just think of all the things you can do alone on a white sandy beach with nobody to bother you.

A Lie Gone Bad

Sometimes, dating feels like interviewing. You sit in front of your counterpart to answer personal questions while trying to impress the other. In the meantime the woman, aka interviewer, is mentally checking boxes of her own list that includes job, relations with the family, good taste in music and others. No wonder why men tend to exaggerate, lie and make up stories to impress the girl. Often though the lies backfire at men and in the long run they get caught in their own net of lies. Watch out boys, those lies could ruin all your chances with the woman of your dreams.

Lucky Passenger Gets Plane All to Himself

When people list off how they imagine their dream flights, you’re bound to see some recurring ideas. No annoying crying babies, no one reclining their seat all the way back in the row in front of me, maybe even having a row all to myself. Recently, one Delta passenger got all he could ever dream of on a flight and more.


Unusual Museums You Need to Check Out While in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands, has no shortage of museums. Whether you are into art, science, or history, you will find a museum dedicated to the subject...

Blink and You’ll Miss These Awesome Sights in Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is a vibrant city that seems to have great sights on every corner. Walking its streets is...

Want to Have a Great Day at the Beach? Follow These Tips

Spending a day at the beach is always a great idea. But unfortunately, it doesn’t always result in a great experience. Sometimes the weather...