Important Things to Consider Before Planning a Van Trip With Your Dog


Traveling in a van is an amazing way to see the world and experience new things. Whether you plan to travel by yourself or with a partner or friend, you can do some incredible things and get to enjoy a different side of life. Many people travel in their van with their dog, but this can bring about some complications. If you’re considering this option, then here are some points to consider before heading off.

Do You Have Enough Space?

Some van setups have so much space available inside, while others may be a little compromised in the space on offer. It’s good to think about this, as spending lots of time with a dog in an enclosed space can become uncomfortable. You may wish to have some separation between where you are sleeping and where your canine pal will sleep. 

Will it Restrict Your Options?

This entirely depends on what you plan to do while traveling. Whether you will be wild camping, staying in campsites, or heading to stay with hosts, having a dog with you will mean you need to plan a bit more carefully. Some campsites don’t accept dogs, and many travel hosts may also have rules around bringing pets. 

Is Your Dog Good on Journeys?

This is quite a basic thing to consider, as you will be driving a lot. If your dog tends to get anxious or needs to stop a lot then this may cause some unnecessary stress.


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