3 Reasons to Tour Argyll and Bute, Scotland


Scotland is an incredible country with so much on offer. Located at the top of the UK, it has some fascinating towns and exciting cities, as well as some of the most incredible landscapes and wild spaces. If you are looking to travel somewhere exciting and would like to explore Scotland, then an ideal area to start with is Argyll and Bute. This area is located on the west coast and includes several islands such as Mull, Jura, and Scarba. Here are just a few reasons to plan a tour of this incredible area.

Lovely Towns to Explore

The southern town of Helensburgh is well-known for its pleasant atmosphere and pretty streets. As well as this you have the lovely Oban in the north, with lovely coastal views and an interesting town to explore. 

The Landscape

Whether you are hopping on a boat to visit the Isle of Mull, exploring parts of Loch Lomond, or simply wandering around the wild hills of the area, you’ll never run out of stunning sights and natural spaces to visit. This is a great area for hiking, with plenty of footpaths across moorlands and by the sea. 

Food and Drink

As well as being beautiful to look at, many of the islands off the coast have their own whisky distilleries, with Jura Whisky being very popular in the area. As well as this, the vast amounts of coastline in this region mean that fish and seafood are local delicacies and something you must try while visiting.


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