Why You Need AirTags For Your Next Trip


As you hand your bags in at luggage check-in, you might start feeling anxious knowing that your bags are no longer under your supervision. This is where an Apple AirTag is extremely useful. Here’s why you need AirTags for your next trip.

What is an AirTag?

Developed by Apple, this tech gadget can be easily clipped onto or stored within your luggage. The AirTag can then be connected to the “Find My” app on your iPhone so that you can keep track of the location of the AirTag at all times. There are some unique benefits that AirTags provide that are available nowhere else.

Why You Should Get AirTags

What’s amazing about AirTags is that while they share their location with you like a GPS would, they can also work indoors and in the air, thereby providing constant coverage that a GPS cannot.

Additional Perks

Unlike many other travel gadgets, AirTags are pretty reasonably priced at around $20 each. In fact, you can buy a 4-pack on Amazon so that you have spares or can keep track of multiple bags at once. What’s more, they can last for years on a single charge, thereby ensuring that you’ll be able to keep constant tabs on your baggage.


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