10 Things You’ll Get if You’ve Traveled with your BFF


As much fun as it is to travel with family or your significant other, there is something different about traveling with your BFF that no one understands until they try it themselves. We’re here to tell you things that you’ll only understand if you travel with your BFFs.


1) You will have an insane amount of memories together

2) You will have even more hilarious inside jokes

3) You learn to not care about the death stares you get when taking a cute insta

4) You know exactly how to take photos of each other… angels and all

5) You obviously get a little annoyed by each other- but in the end it doesn’t matter

6) You’ve seen each other and your grossest moments

7) You stopped judging each other a looooooonnnnnggg time ago

8) They are your biggest comforts

9) You start becoming the same person- and it’s creepy

10) You know each other better than you ever thought you could


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