12-Year-Old Australian Boy Caught by the Police after Driving 800 Miles by Himself


Road trips are awesome. Good music, amazing landscapes, someone you love or a friend on your side, some yummy snacks and you can drive endlessly. On top of it, a road trip is easy. You only need a car and a driver’s license. Or when it comes to this boy, you only need a car.

An Australian 12-year-old boy attempted to go on a road trip alone. He left from Kendall, New South Wales and wanted to make it all the way to Perth, Western Australia. He would have driven for 2,558 mile trip. Unfortunately (or probably for the best) he was caught in Broken Hill, 800 miles away from where he started.

The police pulled him over, not for being a 12-year-old, but because his bumper was hanging off. The police then realized that the driver was a boy, arrested him and took him to the local police station. I guess this road trip will have to be postponed… Let’s say of, more or less, four years!


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