3 Amazing Cycling Routes Across Europe


Europe’s diverse landscapes, rich history, and charming villages make it a cyclist’s paradise, offering a plethora of scenic routes and exhilarating adventures for riders of all levels. From coastal paths to mountain trails and serene countryside roads, Europe boasts an array of cycling routes that showcase the continent’s natural beauty and cultural heritage. Here are three amazing cycling routes across Europe that promise unforgettable experiences.

The Danube Cycle Path (EuroVelo 6)

Stretching over 1,000 miles from the source of the Danube River in Germany’s Black Forest to the delta in Romania’s Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve, the Danube Cycle Path is one of Europe’s most iconic long-distance cycling routes. Follow the gentle flow of the Danube as it winds its way through picturesque landscapes, historic cities, and charming villages, passing through countries such as Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, and Serbia along the way. Marvel at architectural wonders like Vienna’s Schönbrunn Palace and Budapest’s Parliament Building, pedal through vineyard-covered hillsides in the Wachau Valley, and unwind in thermal spas in Hungary’s Lake Balaton region.

The Atlantic Coast Route (EuroVelo 1)

For cyclists seeking coastal adventures and breathtaking ocean views, the Atlantic Coast Route is an ideal choice. Stretching over 5,000 kilometers from Norway’s Arctic Circle to Portugal’s southernmost tip, this epic cycling route follows the rugged coastlines of the North Sea, the English Channel, and the Atlantic Ocean. Pedal past towering cliffs, sandy beaches, and quaint fishing villages as you traverse countries such as Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, France, and Portugal. Stop to explore historic landmarks like the medieval city of Bruges, France’s Mont Saint-Michel, and Portugal’s Cabo de São Vicente, or simply relax on pristine beaches and savor fresh seafood along the way.

The Rhine Cycle Route (EuroVelo 15)

Following the majestic Rhine River from its source in the Swiss Alps to its mouth at the North Sea in the Netherlands, the Rhine Cycle Route offers cyclists a scenic journey through some of Europe’s most iconic landscapes and cultural attractions. Pedal through charming wine villages in Switzerland’s Rhine Valley, past medieval castles and vineyards in Germany’s Upper Middle Rhine Valley (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), and alongside bustling cities like Cologne and Rotterdam. Stop to sample regional wines, indulge in delicious cuisine, and explore historic sites such as Germany’s Heidelberg Castle and the Netherlands’ Kinderdijk Windmills.


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