3 Best UK Beaches to Visit This Summer


If you’re heading to the UK on vacation this summer, you probably already know to pack an umbrella as well as your sunglasses. The weather in the UK can certainly be temperamental, but if you’re lucky enough to visit during a warm, dry spell, you have to check out some of the UK’s stunning coastline. Here are three of the best beaches in the UK to visit this summer.

Beadnell Bay, Northumberland

In the winter months, the county of Northumberland can be windswept and stormy, and it certainly gets its fair share of wild weather in the summer months, too! However, if you catch Beadnell Bay on a good day, you will be treated to an expanse of pristine sand, stunning water to swim in, and beautiful surroundings.

West Wittering, West Sussex

This long, expansive beach is very popular, so you’ll need to arrive early on a warm summer’s day. There are plenty of facilities, including cafes and bars, and the water is particularly good for swimming in. As the parking prices are quite considerable, you may want to consider spending the whole day here to make it worth it.

Newborough Beach, Anglesey

Like Northumberland, the northern tip of Wales gets a decent amount of wind, rain, and storms. The stunning Newborough beach looks beautiful in all weathers, although you probably need to be quite hardy to swim in the cold waters! Keep an eye out for wildlife, including pods of dolphins which regularly pass by.


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