3 Countries in Europe That Are Great for Watersports


Many people love to base their travels and vacations around certain activities. Whether it’s a regular hobby that you want to try out somewhere else or an entirely new activity, it’s super fun to have these things to look forward to. Watersports are a hugely popular choice for activities while abroad as they are so much fun and help you feel connected to nature. If you’re looking for spots around Europe, then here are just three countries where you will find excellent areas for watersports. 


Croatia has some incredible coastline as well as stunning rivers and gorges. Both sea and river kayaking are super popular in Croatia and you can enjoy some beautiful views of nature while feeling the thrill of the water. The ocean around Croatia is also ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving.


The coast around France is very varied which allows for a good range of different sports to be tried on the sea. For example, in the northwest, you get perfect wind and waves for surfing and windsurfing. You also have the amazing Ardèche River which is super popular for a range of water activities. 


Greece and its islands make for the perfect area for enjoying water-based sports due to the masses of beautiful coastline. Banana boats are popular here, where you can enjoy the thrill of the water with a big group.


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