3 Essentials for Bike-Packing This Summer


Bike-packing is a great option if you’re into active vacations. Rather than carrying your backpack around all day as you hike, you can glide along and enjoy stunning panoramas and great views, safe in the knowledge that everything you need is on your bike. Packing light is a must, as heavy weights make big ascents harder, so check out these tips for three essentials that you don’t want to leave behind.

Light Tent

Unless you’re planning on staying in hostels or hotels, you’ll want to seek out the lightest one or two-person tent you can find. The best versions are extremely quick and easy to pitch, so you don’t need to worry about arriving at your camping spot in the dark.

Basic Tools

If you’re heading out on your bike for a few days, you will need to take the essential tools to allow you to fix minor issues such as a puncture. Make sure you know how to carry out these basic repairs before you start your vacation, or you may be in for a long road-side wait until you get assistance.

Healthy Fuel

It can be tempting to pack as many candy bars and sweets as you can fit into your pack, but leave some room for some healthy, protein-heavy snacks. This will enable you to power on through your holiday, without suffering from extreme fatigue or hunger.


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