3 Fado Houses To Check Out In Lisbon


As the country’s capital city, Lisbon is the ideal place to immerse yourself in authentic Portuguese culture. Perhaps nothing is more Portuguese than listening to traditional Fado music. Here are some of the best Fado houses to enjoy in Lisbon.

O Faia

Tucked away in the bohemian Bairro Alto neighborhood, O Faia has delighted visitors since opening its doors in 1947 with top-class talents including Lucilia do Carmo and Carlos do Carmo. If you’re looking to enjoy music by candlelight for a romantic night out, it doesn’t get any better than O Faia.

Sr Vinho

From Monday to Saturday, Sr Vinho hosts high-quality authentic performers, making it ideal for almost every night of the week. Filled with Portuguese artwork and cozy, wooden furniture, you’ll feel at home in this welcoming establishment while enjoying the finest Fado performances.

Maria Da Mouraria

Situated in the historic Moorish quarter, Maria da Mouraria is famed for once being the home of Maria Severa, the first-ever recorded Fado singer. With tables dressed in traditional Portuguese checkered tablecloths and flowers in the windows, this Fado house will transport you back in time to the origins of Fado.


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