3 Great Foods You Have To Try In Palermo, Sicily


If you’re visiting the island of Sicily this summer, you’re in for a real foodie treat. From delectable pastries, gelatos and desserts, to stunning pasta and pizza dishes, it’s guaranteed that everything you eat in Sicily will have been made with love, care and dedication. Palermo, the island’s capital, is particularly rich in terms of its food culture – check out these three foods which you have to try if you’re spending time there.


In Palermo, delicious bruschetta are served as a snack to see you through from lunch to dinner, or as an accompaniment to drinks in a bar. You can expect traditional toppings, such as prosciutto ham and taleggio cheese, as well as some more inventive twists in bars across Palermo.


An icon of Sicilian cuisine, cannoli are delicious pastries filled with sweetened (and sometimes flavored) ricotta cream. You can pick up them in cafes across Palermo, or from dedicated cannoli sellers. Typical flavors to try include lemon, pistachio and hazelnut chocolate.


Arancini are delightful little snacks which you will find across the city of Palermo, in bars, bakeries and cafes alike. Imagine a ball of rice, often flavored with tomato sauce and sometimes meat, fish or cheese, breadcrumbed and then deep fried. These little delights are rich and indulgent, so if you’re tasting one as a snack you should only need one. Alternatively, buy a few from your local bakery and serve as a delicious lunch with a fresh salad on the side.


Lily F
Lily F
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