3 Lip Colors That Will Look Great On Vacation


When you’re heading on vacation, it’s always great fun to plan your holiday beauty looks. Spending time out of the normal routine and away from home can be a great excuse to switch up your typical look and experiment a little. And what better way to do this than by trying some bold new lip colors? Each of these colors will look amazing on vacation, and they are super on-trend for 2024.

Coral Lips

Sun-kissed skin is often crying out for a pop of bright color on the lips, and what better way to deliver it than by wearing a bold, strong shade of orange? There is a shade of orange to suit every skin tone, and it can feel lighter and more relaxed than a classic red lip.

Rose Pink

A shade of soft pink is sure to look super pretty and feminine, especially when paired with your vacation wardrobe. Try a moisturizing pink-toned lip balm with SPF, so you can enjoy a pretty pink shade on your lips that will also protect them from the sun.

Muted Red

When you’re on holiday, it can feel more relaxed and in keeping with the vibe to opt for a matte or muted red, rather than a heavily defined, glossy lip. Keep your application process simple, and blot a little of the color off with a tissue to keep the tone looking relaxed and casual.


Lily F
Lily F
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