3 Music Festival Outfit Ideas


The weather is getting warmer, the air is getting thicker, and the tunes are getting sweeter. For people who love attending any type of festivals, from arts festivals to music festivals, the season of dancing and raving to your favorite obscure bands and celebritized rappers is rapidly approaching. And while there are music festivals all throughout the year, with the end of February comes the beginning of March, Spring, and the perfect weather to comfortably spend hours upon hours outside dancing to your favorite songs.

Music festivals are not just casual experiences, they are extremely thought out and planned events. For girls attending the festivals, many start planning their outfits as soon as they start planning on how to raise enough money to purchase weekend long passes to the event. There are many different types of outfits to be observed among the many festival goers. Really, virtually any outfit will do- as long as you strut your stuff with confidence. But, for those new to the music festival scene, here are three suggestions on what you could wear.

High waisted jeans and a crop or tank top. Music festivals can be hot. And even if you aren’t attending a festival in the sweltering summer heat, odds are that the crowd you are surrounded by won’t exactly make you feel any sort of breeze. Because of this, it’s important to wear clothes that are tolerable in the heat, because you will get sweaty. A cute and easy way to fit in at a music festival is to wear high waisted jeans, or any shorts really, and a crop or tank top.

If you are going to less of a chill flow festival and attending one that is more like a rave, consider purchasing some metallic clothing items. Metallic tights, bras, crop tops, and shorts are all fun ways to dress cute for a rave like festival. Pair this look with two french braids and some vibrant and colorful makeup, and you’re sure to be festival ready.

If you prefer to make more of a statement wherever you go, there are some more unconventional attire options. Wearing a morphsuit, pizza costume, or even for-going a t-shirt and using body paint as a bra has been trending recently. So, if you’re looking to stand out and be asked for many pictures by strangers, this may be the look for you.


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