3 Best Areas in Spain for Paella


Spain is a hugely popular choice for people traveling and on vacation. The pleasant weather, relaxed atmosphere, friendly people, fascinating cities, and stunning landscapes all contribute to the millions of tourists heading there each year. Another huge pull factor of this charming country is the incredibly varied and delicious cuisine.

While many dishes may spring to mind when thinking of Spanish, one of the most iconic is the mouthwatering paella. A perfect balance of flavors and textures, this dish is well-loved around the world. While you can find good paella in many places around Spain, here are three areas where it’s known to be exceptionally good. 


The Ebro River is the largest in Spain and enters the sea in the south of Catalonia. In this area, you’ll find stretches of wetland in which different kinds of rice are grown. As such, there is an abundance of gorgeous traditional eateries serving incredible paella with locally grown rice and locally caught seafood. 


This beautiful, vibrant city is the birthplace of this iconic dish so it stands to reason that you’ll find the absolute best paella here. You’ll find a huge range of charming restaurants that are proud to serve this Valencian delicacy. 

A Coruña

The northwest region of Galicia is known for exceptional seafood dishes, and paella is no exception. A Coruña is a charming coastal city that many flock to to enjoy the local history and some first-rate dining. 


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