3 of the Best Countries to Do Workaways


For those seeking immersive cultural experiences and opportunities to give back while traveling, Workaway offers a unique platform connecting travelers with hosts around the world. Whether it’s teaching, farming, conservation, or cultural exchange, Workaway experiences in these countries offer a unique way to travel with purpose and create lasting memories. Here are three of the best countries to embark on a Workaway adventure.


Known for its warm hospitality, stunning landscapes, and vibrant culture, Thailand is a popular destination for Workaway experiences. From teaching English in rural schools to volunteering on organic farms in the countryside, travelers can find a wide range of meaningful opportunities to contribute to local communities while immersing themselves in Thai culture. Whether it’s participating in traditional Thai cooking classes, learning about Buddhism in rural temples, or helping with conservation efforts in national parks, Workaway experiences in Thailand offer a chance to make a positive impact while exploring this beautiful Southeast Asian country.

Costa Rica

With its rich biodiversity, lush rainforests, and commitment to sustainability, Costa Rica is another ideal destination for Workaway adventures. Volunteers can work on eco-friendly projects such as organic farming, permaculture initiatives, or wildlife conservation efforts in the country’s national parks and reserves. Whether it’s helping to rehabilitate injured animals at a wildlife rescue center, teaching environmental education in local schools, or assisting with sustainable tourism initiatives in rural communities, Workaway opportunities in Costa Rica allow travelers to connect with nature and contribute to conservation efforts in one of the world’s most biodiverse countries.


Portugal’s charming villages, scenic landscapes, and laid-back vibe make it an appealing destination for Workaway experiences. Volunteers can find opportunities to work on organic farms, vineyards, or olive groves in the countryside, learning about traditional farming practices and sustainable agriculture while enjoying the country’s Mediterranean climate and delicious cuisine. Alternatively, travelers can immerse themselves in Portuguese culture by teaching English, participating in cultural exchange programs, or helping with community development projects in rural villages or coastal towns. With its welcoming locals and diverse range of Workaway opportunities, Portugal offers a rewarding and enriching travel experience for those looking to make a difference while exploring this vibrant European country.


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