3 Places to Hike on UK’s South West Coast Path


If you’re visiting the South West of the UK, you have to check out the South West Coast path. Stretching for over 600 miles, this stunning and varied path takes you along the coastline in the counties of Somerset, Cornwall, and Devon. Some sections are quite challenging and it is advised to visit the path during the spring and summer months when the weather will be less of an issue. While some people tackle the entire path in one go, it’s more common to take on sections at a time—here are three of the best sections from the South West Coast path.

Mousehole to the Minack Theatre

This section on Cornwall’s southern coast is truly stunning. You can expect panoramic views of the sea and coastline, a path that winds through ancient forests, and an amazing beach with a clifftop theatre as your final destination. There are lots of cliffs to climb up and down, and the distance between the village of Mousehole and the Minack Theatre is around ten miles, so pack plenty of water and snacks for your hike. Most people choose to catch the bus back to Mousehole, as attempting to hike there and back in one day will require lots of strength and stamina.

Boscastle To Tintagel

On the northern coast of Cornwall lies the beautiful village of Boscastle. Set out west for a two-hour hike across the clifftops to Tintagel, one of many places in the UK associated with the mythical King Arthur. You can pay to walk across a footbridge and access the ruins of Tintagel Castle, some of which date back to the early medieval period! There are plenty of cafes and shops in Tintagel so you can refuel before your hike back to Boscastle.

Hope Cove To Salcombe

On the southern coastline of the county of Devon lies Hope Cove, a charming little village nestled by the sea. Strike out to the west, and before long you will be climbing cliffs and walking along the beautiful path in the direction of Salcombe. In total, the hike should take around three hours. Salcombe is a medium-sized town with lots of cafes and restaurants, so you can enjoy a hearty lunch before returning to Hope Cove. Alternatively, there are regular buses to take you back to your starting point if you prefer.


Lily F
Lily F
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