3 Places to Try The Latest Croissant Sensation: ‘Le Crookie’


The chances are, you will have heard of the ‘cronut’—the world-famous treat was created in 2013 by a French patisserie chef, Dominique Ansel. Since then, croissants have proven to be extremely versatile indeed, as creations including the ‘croffle’ (a croissant waffle) and croissant-dough pancakes have taken the world of desserts and sweet treats by storm. In 2024, the croissant combo to try is ‘le crookie’—a sumptuous treat made from croissant pastry with cookie dough at its center. Check out these amazing bakeries from around the world, all of which offer the crookie, you’ll just have to get there before they sell out!

Eli’s Cookies, Brussels, Belgium

Tucked down a side street in the cosmopolitan city of Brussels, this trendy bakery specializes in cookies, so of course it makes sense that they are now offering crookies. Their pastries look utterly delicious, and they offer a few flavor combinations of the crookies, so why not buy a few to try?

PRB Boulangerie, Boston, Massachusetts

If you’re visiting Boston make a beeline for the excellent PRB Boulangerie. This bakery offers a variety of sweet and savory treats, including a range of delicious loaves and rolls. Their specialty, however, is croissants, and many Bostonians are very happy indeed that they have recently branched out into making the crookie, too.

L’Îlot Café-Buvette, Cap-aux-Meules, Quebec

If you’re heading off on an adventure around Quebec, make sure you check out this stunning little cafe on the island of Cap aux Meules. They offer fantastic sandwiches, salads, pastries, cakes, and of course, the now-famous crookie. They will serve them slightly warmed, and on a wild, blustery day on the island there’s nothing better than a warm crookie and a cappuccino.


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