3 Skincare Products You Should Always Take With You


Jetting off on a break or even just heading off on a long weekend can be super exciting. In all the rush to pack and get ready, it’s easy to neglect your toiletries, but there are some skincare products you don’t want to travel without. No matter what your skin type or skincare concerns, these are your holy grail products which should go into your toiletries bag before anything else.

Sunscreen (SPF 30+)

Whether you opt for a cream, a moisturizer with SPF, or a spray-on formula, taking some form of sunscreen away with you is non-negotiable. Even if you’re heading to colder climes, protecting your skin from harmful UV rays will avoid any uncomfortable tightness or burning, and will also ensure that your skin is being taken care of and protected for the long term.


There is nothing worse than feeling like your skin is layered up with sunscreen, sand, and salt from the sea, and being unable to thoroughly cleanse it. Decant a bit of your favorite cleanser into a travel bottle if you don’t want to take the whole bottle with you. Cleanser will help balance your skin and keep it feeling fresh, which is particularly important if you’re vacationing somewhere hot and humid.


Even if your skin tends to be oilier, moisturizer is a great way of balancing and calming your skin. Choose a lighter formula if you’re visiting somewhere warm and layer it under your SPF to create a natural barrier that will keep your skin feeling hydrated and healthy.


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