3 Spring Break Ideas You and Your Friends Will Love


One of the most exciting and most notorious aspects of one’s college career is the concept of Spring Break. College students are known for going all out during this school break. From partying like crazy, to taking trips around the world, there’s an endless list of Spring Break destinations and possibilities. If you find yourself being conflicted on where your preferred Spring Break destination is, look no further. Here’s a list of 3 Spring Break destinations.

First, if you want the ultimate college Spring Break trip, look no further than going on a cruise. A bunch of cruise lines like Carnival and Royal Caribbean offer relatively inexpensive options for students looking to party. On these cruises, you can expect to see a lot of other spring breakers. And, if you’re 21, purchasing the alcohol package can definitely be a good idea. Going on cruises gives you the opportunity to mingle with other students, tan, party, and even participate in some cool excursions offered by the cruise lines.

If cruises aren’t your scene, you have a tendency to get sea sick, or you just want to spend the majority of your Spring Break on land, you have bunch of other options. One of these options is going to a resort. Popular resort destinations for spring breakers include Mexico, the Bahamas, and other Caribbean and Latin countries. Here, you can expect to spend time on beautiful beaches, go to cool local destinations, eat and drink all you want if your resort reservation is all inclusive, and, of course, you can party. Resorts tend to be a bit more expensive than cruises. However, they are definitely a good option for those who equally enjoy partying and relaxing.

Now, if you are someone who doesn’t necessarily love the college party scene, you have a ton of other options as well. Taking a weekend trip to a quiet beach with some friends could be the perfect Spring Break option for you. Popular destinations for these more subdued trips are Charleston, South Carolina and St. Simons Island, Georgia. However, there are a ton of other destinations where you will be able to enjoy all of the benefits of taking a relaxed Spring Break vacation. At these destinations, you can expect to go to some cute restaurants, go to the beach and pool, find some fun local activities, and more. Going to a nice and relaxing beach is a great option for those who want a more relaxing break from school.


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