3 Stunning National Parks to Check Out in Croatia


Croatia is a European country located in the northwest of the Balkan Peninsular. It is known for its stunning old cities, fascinating culture, incredible cuisine, and breathtaking natural landscapes. There are some wonderful national parks with protected areas that are home to unbelievable scenery and wildlife. Here are three to check out.

Mljet National Park

Mljet Island is off the coast of Dubrovnik and is an incredible place to visit. It’s car-free, meaning you can walk and cycle around the glorious paths without having to worry about traffic. The national park covers a third of the island and includes two breathtaking saltwater lakes. There are also caves to be discovered and some fascinating ancient ruins, along with numerous hiking trails through luscious forests.

Plitvice Lakes National Park

This awe-inspiring national park is the largest and oldest in Croatia. It’s located in the center of the country and is home to some of the most beautiful lakes and waterfalls you can possibly imagine. There is also some exciting wildlife roaming around, including brown bears, grey wolves, and lynx. 

Krka National Park

Based around the Krka River, this national park is hugely popular for its jaw-dropping scenery. Here you will find some of the most incredible waterfalls, including a particularly famous series of seven cascades that attract people from all over the world. There are also some fascinating ancient monuments and historical sites to explore. 


Hannah F
Hannah F
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