3 Things to Do in Cape Town, South Africa


Cape Town is the capital of South Africa and is an incredibly popular travel destination. Located right on the coast and between exciting mountains, it’s a location known for its natural features. There’s also some fascinating history and culture to explore and some wonderful sights to see. If you’re planning a trip to this vibrant city, then here are some great activities to add to your itinerary. 

Take a Cable Car Up Table Mountain

This bustling city is located right beneath the stunning and impressive Table Mountain. Standing at 1084 meters tall, it looms over the city and is breathtaking to gaze at. From the bottom of it, you can take a cable car to the top where you can explore the wide, flat summit. From here, the views over Cape Town and the surrounding area are magnificent. 

Take a Boat to Robben Island and Visit the Museum

Roughly 7 miles off the coast near Cape Town is Robben Island. It’s a stunning place to visit and has some fascinating history. There was once a prison on the island that was home to Nelson Mandela during his incarceration for just under 20 years. There’s now a museum there telling the stories from the island throughout history. 

Explore the Wonderful Beaches

There are endless beaches in and around Cape Town which provide some glorious spaces to relax or indulge in exciting activities. Often lined by rugged cliffs and mountains, and with sparking blue water and luscious greenery, there will be a beach to please everyone in this city.


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