3 Things Worth Keeping in Mind About AI-Generated Travel Itineraries


AI-generated travel itineraries are experiencing a huge surge in the popularity on TikTok, with many people using ChatGPT and Notion AI to make their travel plans. If you’re thinking of giving this trend a shot, here are three things worth keeping in mind before you let artificial intelligence do all the planning for you.

Using Other Sources

AI is a helpful tool worth using in travel planning, but it shouldn’t be your sole resource. Ai-generated itineraries can be unreliable and contain inaccuracies, so it’s important to look into several other sources and cross-check all the information to keep your plans as current and accurate as possible.

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Getting Personal

AI-generated travel itineraries can offer great suggestions, but they often lack a personal touch. It’s important to strike a balance between AI assistance and your own research. Instead of letting them do all the planning for you, try to tailor your itinerary to your own interests, budget limitations, and travel style.

No Spontaneity

AI-generated travel plans leave very little room for spontaneity, which should be an essential part of every trip. You’ll miss out on many hidden gems and unique experiences if you blindly follow what ChatGPT is saying. Let your itinerary guide you, but embrace the spirit of spontaneity and see where the road will take you when you live in the moment.

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