Top 3 Things to Do in San Francisco with Teenagers


Traveling with your teenage kids is not always easy. They always seem bored, tired and not excited about your plans.

Luckily, we found three things in San Francisco they will for sure enjoy visiting. First of all, Alcatraz. The old famous prison is opened for tours. Kids enjoy that so much.

We would recommend getting an audio tour and you’ll be surprised how interesting it is. Just book ahead though, they are always fully booked. Then, the Walt Disney Family Museum.

It is a huge museum about the legacy and the life of the amazing Walt Disney. You’d be surprised how interesting it is even if you’re not one of his biggest fans.

Last but not least, get some bread at a special place. It’s called Boudin Bakery and it has animal shaped bread. It’s yummy and cool! No matter how old your kids are, they are going to love this trip and take pictures on Instagram the whole time!


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