3 Ways to Stay Entertained During Travel Delays


When you’re all excited to jet off on vacation, there’s nothing worse than a travel delay. As minutes turn to hours, you need a way to stay entertained and positive. While scrolling on your phone is always an option, sometimes you don’t want to drain the battery. Plus, varying up the entertainment options means you’re less likely to get bored. Check out these three ways to stay entertained, no matter how long you wait.

Read a Book

Books are a great option for so many reasons. They’re relatively portable and light (unless you’re trying to get through the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy), plus you can bring a few in case one genre or type of text doesn’t appeal to you at the moment.

Practice Another Language

Maybe you’re heading off on vacation to a destination where they speak a different language to your own? Or perhaps you have a goal to brush up on your French, Spanish, or German? Practicing a language through an app such as Duolingo is a great way to stay entertained while you wait in the departures lounge.

Pack a Mini Board Game

There are plenty of portable chess sets out there. If you’re traveling with someone else, why not take a mini board game so you can fend off boredom together by playing a few rounds? As this is a non-screen-based activity, you’re less likely to drain precious batteries or strain your eyes staring at your phone for yet another hour.


Lily F
Lily F
Lily is a fan of the great outdoors and can often be found half way along a trail or strolling along the beach. She also loves cosying up with a good book, and is determined to get better at baking over the winter.
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