4 Holiday Cocktails You Have To Make This Holiday Season


The holiday season has got its sights and sounds and flavors. Its the sparkle and twinkle of the lights and red bunting everywhere, the sound of a crackling fire and as for flavors, well the list goes on and on. Gingerbread, peppermint, chocolate, cranberries, vanilla, cinnamon, eggnog and more. With our foolproof cocktails, your holiday parties will pack a powerful punch and leave guests reeling with holiday fever.

Cranberry Mimosas

How To Make:

Holiday brunch? Curing the post-party morning blues? These mimosas have got the cheerful holiday red and some antioxidant packed cranberries to bring you a healthy dose of holiday cheer. All it takes is a ⅓ of cranberry juice, a splash of orange liqueur, then top it all off with champagne.

Pecan Pie Bourbon Shake

How To Make:

This boozy ice cream treat has got us like woah. The warm flavors with the cold ice cream is a surprisingly cozy combo. Mix vanilla ice cream, milk, bourbon and that leftover pecan pie. Toss in a blender and voila!

Salted Caramel Eggnog

How To Make:

It’s not the holidays without eggnog. But who said you need to keep that stuff PG. Up the ante with rum and salted caramel. Start with warm caramel sauce in Irish coffee glasses, add spiced rum, a dash of salt and the eggnog. Top with whipped cream, nutmeg and more caramel sauce.

White Russian With Peppermint Mocha

How To Make:

The ultimate in holiday cocktails is a sweet treat that is easy as pie (like the one you just threw into a blender). Fill a cocktail glass halfway with ice. Add equal parts kahlua and vodka. Add equal parts peppermint creamer and milk. Sip and enjoy.


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