4 Incredible Things About the Azores


Found in the midst of the cerulean Atlantic closer to its African coast than to its metropoli, Lisbon, the Azores archipelago is a place of exquisiteness and adventure.

Here are 4 things you need to see.


A château qualified as a Unesco World Heritage Site

Azores wine is world-famous, and it has been produced since its first inhabitants arrived on the island in the 15th century. As the mid-Atlantic climate forces the farmers to protect their crops, the result has been a uniquely gorgeous landscape of stone-walled fields all around the island.

Nowadays, a small amount of top-notch wine is produced on Azores main island, Pico using traditional secret methods dating from the first inhabitants of the Azores.



The Azores is also well known for its pastry, especially its fofas. Warning: you may want to be on a diet before tasting them as they are treats filled with gigantic amounts of cream and chocolate.

But, believe me; they are completely worth the calories.


You can cycle up and kayak over a volcano

The Azores is a volcanic island and on São Miguel you can cycle through a combo of roads and sand tracks all the way to the top of the volcano, to burn the calories from the fofas.

Also you can take a kayak on the lake that is at the feet of the volcano.


Snorkeling with dolphins

The Azores may be a small archipelago, but it is filled with surprises. One of the greatest and unique things you can do there is to snorkel with dolphins and it is a completely unforgettable experience, especially between April and June.


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