4 Reasons You Should Visit Pula, Croatia


Pula is right beside the dazzling Adriatic Sea. And it is home of incredible views, impossibly well-preserved Roman ruins, delicious cuisine and top-notch festivals of all types.

These are 4 reasons why you need to go there:

1. The best Roman ruins not in Italy

Pula was an important part of the late Roman Empire. The most awesomely preserved part is the arena, the only Roman one that still has its whole circled wall. It is used as a beautiful outdoor cinema and cultural and sport events.

It also has a rebuilt Temple of Augustus, as it was bombed during the WWII and the beautiful Arch of Sergius.

2. Jaw-dropping Italian food with a Croatian dash

Pula was part of Italy until 1947, and you can notice the influence. You can eat incredible pizzas, pasta and gelato in almost every corner. If you close your eyes you might even feel in Florence or Turin.

As it is a big fishing port, you can also eat incredible and fresh seafood as oysters and mussels. You can almost taste the linguini alla marinera, right?

3. Tremendous Festivals

Pula is a festival city during the summer. It hosts international concerts, film festivals and numerous plays. Imaging going to a classical music concert in the Forum.

Simply breathtaking.

4. Nature at your doorstep

Even though it is a big city, nature is always close to you.

Head north and you’ll find Brijuni National Park, a group of small-forest islands

Go south and there is Cape Kamenjak, a stony headland that marks the most southern tip of the peninsula.


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