4 Tips for Women Travelling Alone


Travelling alone can be extremely stimulating and exciting. Being alone in a different country means stepping out of your comfort zone and actually experience a new language, culture and simply explore. It is important to be extra aware traveling by yourself as a women in a foreign country.

If you are thinking of travelling alone but you are worried of your safety, here are the tips that will give you enough confidence to finally book that flight ticket you have always wanted to buy. 

1. Research information about your destination. Be well-prepared, know where to go, avoid ending up in less known areas or sketchy neighborhoods. Nowadays, all you have to do is type the name of your desired destination and read, blog entries watch videos or photos of it. 

2. Book a safe way of transportation. Try to book your transportation ahead of time from a reliable website to avoid local Taxi scams. Once you are there, get the number of a taxi branch and don’t get on random local cabs that you find on the street. 

3. Be social, but not too much. You are encouraged to meet new people and enjoy their company, but you should never go to private places alone with a person you just met. Stay in public place or go with someone else. 

4. Have the number of the local embassy in your pocket. If anything bad happens, report it to the embassy to get some help. They are the best people to give you the right advice and to help you out. 


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