5 Great Backpacking Destinations


Traveling with a backpack is quite a unique experience. It means discovering new cultures away from the luxury hotel suite and resorts, it means getting connected to nature around you and being in touch with people and the environment that you would have never experienced before. It also means seeing whatever destination you decide to chose, a little more personal and up close and taking in the natural beauty that maybe you did not know was there before, or that you could not discover if you were to stay in a hotel.  When it comes to backpacking, some destinations are better than others. We have collected the best 5 destinations to go visiting with a backpack on.

First up is Portugal. This place is insanely beautiful and perfect for a backpacking trip You can visit from Algarve to Porto and enjoy the stunning coastal haven!

Another amazing destination is Cappadocia, in Turkey. It has an incredible landscape and people are extremely nice. You might find yourself drinking tea in a cozy house just by saying hi to strangers on the road.

If you are interested in a more exotic place, Bali in Indonesia is the solution for you. Breathtaking beaches and very cheap accommodations, you’ll love it!

And what about Peru? You need to go visiting Machu Picchu! Not to mention that the coastline is absolutely amazing!

Last but not least, consider Honduras as a possible destination. You can visit the Bay Islands and be astonished by the colorful collection of marine life.

Have you started packing already?


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