5 Reasons to Love Touring Colleges With Your Kid


5. Quality Time in the Car

With all the driving, you can listen to all the rap music your kid enjoys and all the NPR podcasts you’re addicted to, but you can also share some sweet silences, deep conversations about the year ahead and a lot of laughs everything you’ve been through on your road trip.


4. Revisit Your Own College

When you go back to your alma mater, you can see it through your kid’s eyes, I recall the many beautiful things that made you choose it. You can share stories about your own college escapades and reminisce at your beautiful memories right where they happened.


3. Dinner Together Every Night

At the end of a long day, dinner is something you can share no matter what. You might not have time to go out with your kid on a normal day, but now you have a date with your favorite person in the world every single night!


2. There Might Be an Aha Moment!

You’ll see several schools where your kid could picture being happy, but one will feel extra right. The programs. The playing fields. The beautiful old library that felt alive with learning. That school will shoot straight to the top of your list.


1. Witness Your Child Making Their Way in the World

The trip will be a huge step in a year of letting go. You can watch first hand your kid beginning the process of choosing his next home independent from your family. Soon he will realize that he is not only ready for this thrilling and unknown part of his life, but he will was embrace it.


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