5 Things Keeping in Mind Before Paying For Hotel Breakfast


Enjoying a buffet breakfast is one of the most enjoyable parts of staying at a hotel, but is this perk always worth the price? Before paying for hotel breakfast in advance, here are five crucial factors that will help you figure out if this amenity is worth paying extra.

Price Point

Unless breakfast is offered free of charge, you’ll have to figure out if it fits into your budget and if it’s more affordable than eating at local cafés and restaurants.

Perfect Timing

The tricky thing about hotel breakfast is that it’s only available at certain times, and the money you spend on it could go to waste if you have a bunch of early day trips planned.

Range of Options

Variety is another important factor worth taking into consideration. If the hotel offers a buffet with a range of options you can choose from every day, it’s usually worth the price.

Dietary Restrictions

If you’re vegan, vegetarian, or follow a specific diet, it’s important to check if the hotel in question can cater to your dietary needs before paying for breakfast.

Exploring Local Spots

One of the downsides of hotel breakfast is that you’ll be too full to eat elsewhere. If you enjoy exploring traditional cuisines, consider skipping breakfast and eating at local eateries instead.


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