5 Things Travelers Should Know About Malta


Malta is a beautiful island country situated in the Mediterranean Sea. It is lauded for its warm weather, amazing tourist attractions, and beautiful scenery. However, if you are thinking about going there for your next vacation, there are some things you should know.

Malta is Situated on Three Islands

People often assume that Malta is a single island. But the truth is that the country is actually an archipelago and is situated on three major islands. Its territory also includes two smaller uninhabited islands.

Almost Everyone Speaks English

You won’t have to be worried about communication with locals while in Malta. Almost everyone there speaks English, as it is one of the country’s two official languages alongside Maltese.

It Can Get Pretty Hot in Malta

Malta receives plenty of sunshine, and it can get really hot there during the summer. Make sure to pack sunscreen, shades, and something to cover your head if you don’t want to risk sunburns or sunstroke.

Be Prepared to Deal with Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are something you will have to deal with on a regular basis in Malta. They come out in the evenings and can be quite aggressive. While they don’t carry any viruses, their bites can get quite uncomfortable, so cover your body and have a mosquito repellent with you at all times.

People Drive on the Left

The best way to explore Malta is to rent a car. However, keep in mind that people here drive on the left. This is because the country was once under the British rule.


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