5 Things You Should Keep in Mind When Using Hostel Kitchen


A shared kitchen is one of the best amenities that most good hostels have in store, and it can help you save a lot of money on food. If you choose to prepare your own meals in a hostel kitchen, here are five unwritten rules worth keeping in mind.

Food Labels

Hostels with a shared kitchen usually have a fridge and a few drawers for storing food, but it’s important to label everything you leave there with your name, room number, and check-out date. If you don’t follow this crucial step, your food might end up stolen or thrown away.

Don’t Steal

Speaking of stealing, it’s a big no-no at hostels, so keep your hands off any food that’s not yours.

Free Food

The only food that’s up for grabs at a hostel will be labeled as free. Guests often tend to leave some food behind if they don’t have enough time to finish it, and you should do the same with your leftovers and label them as free.

Quick & Easy

You won’t be the only person at a hostel in need of a kitchen, so it’s best to stick to making quick and easy meals so other guests can take their turn as soon as possible.

Clean Up

You should always leave the hostel kitchen the way you’ve found it, so don’t forget to wash your dishes and clean up after yourself.


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