5 Tips to Get Your Dream Vacation on a Budget


Planning a vacation can be unappealing, especially when everything seems so expensive these days! We sometimes get deterred from vacationing because we believe we can’t afford it. Unfortunately, this occurrence happens to all of us but don’t let that stop you! Here are 5 of the greatest vacation planning hacks to get you on your way.


1.Book in Advance

Booking ahead of time guarantees you have options to choose from. Hotels and hostels get full very easily, especially during peek vacation times.


2. Use Incognito Mode

Travel websites are equipped with an algorithm that tracks flights you have looked at or booked in the past. Using incognito mode will ensure only the cheapest and most affordable options are available to you.


3. Be Flexible with Time

Some travel dates are more expensive than others. Needing to fly on a specific date can surge up a flight ticket by a tremendous amount. The key is to find the cheapest days to fly!


4. Find Package Deals

With almost every vacation booking service, if you purchase a package deal, the price of the flight is significantly reduced. Additionally, most packages include free or cheap shuttle rides to and from the airport.


5. Travel Light

Most airlines permit a carry-on and a personal item. Adding a suitcase can increase your flight cost by 100$ or more.


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