5 Unknown and Incredible Places in Australia


Australia is known to be a breathtaking country. Though slightly more isolated from the rest of the world, this country has alot to offer; and it’s more thna just it sandy beachy or great outbacks. However, there are some places not everyone knows. We have found 5 amazing locations that you probably never heard of. The first one is Lucky Bay, in Cape Le Grand National Park. It is the whitest sand beach in Australia and it is the big secret of the south coast. It is one hour away from.

Esperance and it has a great camping site where you can stay for only $11 a night. Sometimes, kangaroo shows up in the area. Another place we suggest to visit is Coober Pedy. This place is so hot that people started building their houses underground. It is a special location, definitely worth seeing. Another cool place is Port Douglas in Queensland. A town with a very chill vibe, the perfect place for backpackers.

If you are into taking your Instagram to the next level, the Grampians National Park in Victoria is perfect.

The Grampians is easily reachable from Melbourne. One of the peculiar things of this national park is the rock formation known as the Balconies: a stretch of rock that into thin air, with gorgeous views. Another great national park is the Karijini one in Western Australia. It is the perfect place to go hiking. It has really cool red rock, those are dusty, dry and simply beautiful.


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