5 Ways to Overcome Travel Envy & Never Look Back


You know that feeling when you open Instagram, and it seems like everyone is making their travel dreams come true – except for you. Travel envy is pretty common in a social media-driven world, but we’re here to help you overcome it and never look back.

Realistic Perspective

Always keep in mind that social media only showcases a curated version of people’s lives and that you’re only seeing the picture-perfect travel moments that someone chose to show to the world.

Limit Social Media Usage

Travel posts of other people should motivate you to explore the world, not inspire envy. If the opposite is happening to you, it’s time to limit your social media exposure and unfollow pages that are triggering your travel envy.

Plan Your Adventures

Use the travel posts you stumble upon online as a source of travel inspiration. They’ll motivate you to start planning your next trip but also look for other resources that will help you plan a trip that fits your interests and budget.

Gratitude & Mindfulness

Many people feel travel envy because they’re prone to comparing themselves to others. Work on shifting your perspective and practice gratitude and mindfulness, focusing on the good things in your life that have nothing to do with traveling.

Travel Locally

You don’t have to be jet-setting around the world to keep your love for travel alive. If local adventures are the only thing you can afford, hit the road and discover the beauty of your home country.


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