A Lost Roman City Has Been Discovered In France After a Thousand Years


Archeologists at the French National Institute for Preventive Archeological Research (INRAP) surprisingly uncovered an ancient site when asked to investigate a 43,000 square-foot area.  Some dormitories had to be built and so the researchers were asked to check the area before starting the construction. \

What they found is a town which has been hidden for thousands of years. We highly doubt that the dormitories will be built any time soon. The archaeologists were astonished when they realized they were touching the remnants of an ancient Roman town. After thousands of years hidden, the town of Ucetia was found in the south of France, in the modern-day village of Uzès.

Archeologists have found amazing mosaics. The discovery was made by INRAP and has led to a 4,000 years old spot dating back to the Roman era. Researchers knew about a town called Ucetia as they had found an ancient inscription on a stone slab in the past, but this discovery has been incredibly surprising!


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