A Nap Cafe Just Opened in Tokyo


Yes, you read well. It is a cafe where you can take a power nap! According to RockeyNews24, instant coffee brand Nescafe and Japanese bed manufacturer France Bed Co.

It is a pop-up coffeehouse in honor of World Sleep Day. There’s plenty of coffee variations and luxury electronic reclining beds. To help people fall asleep, each bed comes with a Walkman and headphone set, along wireless LED light that provides relaxing mood lighting.

If you want to nap, you’re required to purchase at least one item from the menu and there is a two-hour sleep limit. However, Nescafe will give guests a free cup of decaf coffee to enjoy before their nap along with a cup of regular Joe once they’ve woken up.

The café is open from 11am to 9pm. The last call is at 8:30. The minimum is in fact a nap of 30 minutes.


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