Adele Collette is Living Her Best “Van Life” in Japan


“Van life” became quite a buzzy term among travel bloggers in recent years, and Adele “Addy” Collette decided to discover its perks first-hand. She’s been dreaming of embarking on a road trip across Japan for quite some time, and an old converted van was the only thing she needed to make it happen.

Collette is a passionate traveler, who’s been everywhere from Vietnam to Thailand over the years, but Japan has always been her dream country. She knew it would take quite some time to explore it the way she wanted to, and embarking on a road trip that allowed her to fully immerse in local culture was the only option for her.

She decided to buy an old van and convert it into a camper, but this journey hasn’t been easy. She chronicled all the ups and downs she went through before hitting the road, attracting thousands of followers to her TikTok and Instagram page @addy_road. Despite all the obstacles she faced, Collette decided to keep going because this was the biggest dream she ever had.

“I’m so excited and nervous at the same time. I’ve risked major aspects of my life to get to this point but I know that I would regret never going on this journey!” she wrote on Instagram.

We’ve seen her go everywhere from Osaka and Tokyo to Kyoto and Nara since the start of her journey, and her social media posts will take you on an epic journey across Japan.


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