Adorable Surprise for Couple That Sent Wedding Invitation to Wrong Address


Marriage is something that many people dream about for a very long time. From being imaginative toddlers playing “wedding” during a playdate to the early years of college, scouting the campus to find your perfect mate to actually pursuing and maintaining positive and real life relationships with the intention to develop the relationship into an engagement.

Strong couples often follow the societal norm of dating for a while, getting engaged, and eventually getting married. Once the engagement happens, that’s when one of the truest tests of the relationship occurs. Picking out a venue, deciding on a guest list, and all of the other factors that go into planning a wedding become apparent in full effect.

One couple, with all of their excitement, made a slight mistake that actually turned into quite the nice surprise. Cassie, 25 and Jessie, 23 sent a wedding invitation to one of their aunts and uncles. However, they accidentally sent the invitation to the wrong address. They found this out when they received their invitation back with a little present and a note.

The note read as follows: “I wish I knew you — this is going to be a blast. Congratulations — go have dinner on me. I’ve been married for 40 years — it gets better with age,” and came with a $20 meant to treat the couple to dinner.

The couple found the message and small gift to be very heartwarming. In response to this cute reaction to their wedding invitation, Cassie stated, “I saw the note I was just surprised and blessed that she would do that for a stranger. Jesse was confused at first too — [he wondered] why someone was sending us money, then I read the message to him, and he was shocked and grateful.”


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