Airbnb Has a New Camera Ban: Here’s What to Know


Airbnb has taken a significant step forward in ensuring guest privacy by introducing a comprehensive ban on all indoor security cameras within its listed properties. This pivotal policy change is set to take effect on April 30. Here’s a closer look at what this means for guests and hosts alike.

The Policy Change

Under the new regulations, Airbnb will no longer permit indoor security cameras at any of its properties worldwide. This move is designed to enhance privacy and build trust within the Airbnb community. The decision came after extensive consultations with guests, hosts, privacy experts, and advocacy groups. Given that the vast majority of listings did not have security cameras, the impact of this change will be minimal, affecting only a small fraction of properties.

Exceptions and Clarifications

While indoor cameras are facing a blanket ban, certain outdoor surveillance devices, such as Ring doorbells, will remain permissible. However, the use of these devices comes with stipulations. Hosts must disclose the presence and location of any outdoor cameras before guests complete their booking. 

Looking Ahead

Airbnb’s decision to ban indoor security cameras is a great step toward simplifying its policies and reinforcing trust with its users so that everyone can feel comfortable during their stay. 


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