Airlines With Premium Economy Seats That Are Worth the Upgrade


While many travelers would prefer a little more comfort than economy-class airline seats provide, first-class and business-class tickets are often out of reach due to their hefty costs. Fortunately, some airlines have begun to offer premium economy seats as a happy medium. Here are airlines that provide premium economy seats that are certainly worth the upgrade.


With its two-three-two seating layout, the Qantas premium economy cabin is actually separate from regular economy class. In addition to privacy, the Australian airline’s premium economy class offers more legroom, wider armrests, and noise-cancelling earphones, along with world-class food and a welcome drink.

Virgin Atlantic

In addition to providing premium economy passengers with their own dedicated check-in line, you’ll also receive priority boarding with Virgin Atlantic. This UK airline will greet you with a welcome glass of wine as you board, along with a sweet dessert and after-dinner liqueur following a scrumptious meal.

All Nippon Airways

This Japanese airline offers all premium economy passengers airport lounge access along with priority baggage handling. The standout offer is All Nippon’s delicious menu which fuses Western and Asian cuisine.


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