Ancient Knights Templar Lair Found Under an Innocent Rabbit Hole


In the UK, there’s a rabbit hole that had an incredible surprise underneath. This hole is in Shropshire, a county in the UK. Apparently, it is just a rabbit hole in the middle of a farmer’s field, but in reality there is much more.

If you were to walk past it, you wouldn’t even notice it. You would think it’s just a normal rabbit hole. But we took a closer look and found out more.

According to the legend, the Caynton Caves were used as a hideout in the 17th century by the followers of the Knights Templar. These knights Havr a really cool story.

After Christians captured Jerusalem during the first Crusade, many Western Europeans began traveling to the Holy Land. In 1118, a French knight named founded a special military order that served to protect these pilgrims.

The name of this military order was “Poor Knights of the Temple of King Solomon.” They were wearing white uniform with bright red cross. So apparently, this rabbit hole is hiding a secret network of Medieval caves that go back to their period.


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